Daily Healthy Habits


Leading a healthier lifestyle has never been easier.
Delicious, healthy food delivered to your door.




Every menu is curated with our chefs and team of expert dieticians and nutritionists.


We use only olive oil. No sugar added, no fried foods, no preservatives and no MSG.


No further explanation, it’s healthy food that taste good!


Delivery service bringing healthy living to your doorstep daily.

AMGD Community Gives Back started in 2017, one year after AMGD was launched in Singapore and Hong Kong. When our start-up became profitable, we celebrated by setting aside funds to help those in need. We created employment opportunities and provided delicious and healthy food for needy patients and low-income families.

Today, we want to spread the intangible benefit of giving – a pleasant feeling of connectedness in the AMGD community – our customers and our donors who believe in helping the less fortunate who will appreciate our help all year.

We enabled this charity element on our website in collaboration with Our Tampines Hub (OTH) who will curate the list of beneficiaries from low-income families living in Tampines. AMGD has pledged $10,000 to kick-start OTH-AMGD Community Gives Back campaign to help low-income families. Collectively, we aim to grow the AMGD community of givers to donate in cash or credits.

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Helen Wong
Happy Passholder since August 2017
It’s convenient, save me tons of time preparing low carb lunch myself
Vicky Lee
Happy Passholder since November 2017
Have more vegetables for lunch, which is not an easy task for lunch outside
Chan Yee Fong
Joy Pass holder
方便又快捷,不用自己諗到頭爆, 又有曬卡路里唔需要自己計算。
Frederica Chan
Happy Passholder since October 2017
It helps calculate the calories of the bento that eases to control the diet. I need not heat up the bento that enables me to eat and work at the meantime.
Venus Cheung
Happy Passholder since December 2017
I have more spare time over the weekend as I do not need to prepare my lunchboxes for the week.
Lai Wan Wong
Happy Passholder since July 2017
多菜少肉是現代生活必須的,AMGD 能幫到手,健康生活由飲食開始。
Happy Passholder since July 2017
Wing Chi Ng
Happy Passholder since December 2017
Preparing own healthy lunch is time consuming and boring (not much food option and it doesn't taste good when doing in a health way), amgd lunch boxake my keep fit life feel better with different kind of clean food and it tastes good
Wong Ying Ying Amy
Happy Passholder since December 2017
Can share healthy and delicious meal with colleagues and promote healthy eating habits @workplace
Julia Po
Thrill Passholder since March 2018
Tong Hoi Kam
Happy Passholder
I can enjoy a delicious meal at office with fresh treats and nutritious food. It jealous my colleagues especially during rainy days.
Wynne Wong
Happy Passholder since October 2017
吃AMDG, 會令自己多吃了不同種類的蔬菜,減少了外出用餐,吃得從前亦比較健康。
Jimmy Lau
Blissful since February 2018
Lam Chui Chui
Happy since October 2017
午餐可攝取多種營養, 而且很方便
Agnes Yeung
Blissful since October 2017
Nicole Lau
Happy since June 2017
Sally Tang
Thrill since March 2018
可以控制卡路里攝取,又有個balance diet
Li Yuk Ching
Happy since September 2017
Li Yeuk Kei
Happy since May 2017
I order AMGD before my tennis training and it is great!
Wong Sui Yin
Blissful since July 2017
Lea Zhang
Blissful since March 2018
Make meals more enjoyable with its fast delivery, fresh food and well-designed tastes. Would be better if it offers more promotion schemes for loyal customers.
Wai Kitt
Blissful & Happy Passholder since September 2016
Stumble upon AMGD website since September 2016 and have been ordering their bentos since then! AMGD proves that healthy meal can be delicious and won't break the bank! Kudos to the whole team and especially to customer service - ever so ready to help every time!
Turkay Kondakci, Scientist
Blissful turned Gold passholder since July 2019
We found out about AMGD a couple of months ago and we are using their meals since then with my fiancee, the quality of the meals are really good and they have different variety of options. I would love to see more low carb options. The team is really helpful to address any issue promptly if you have faced during your order or after your order. Highly recommended!
Laura Ashley Lewis
Blissful Passholder since May 2019
I can honestly say that I have been thoroughly satisfied not only with the quality of the meals, but also the promptness of the customer service team. I appreciate how efficiently the calories are utilized to maximize food density. Each meal leaves me legitimately stuffed, and I stick with the 300-400 calorie foods! Could not recommend them enough!
Maddie, Teacher
Thrill Passholder since April 2018
I feel good that I’m eating yummy and healthy food from AMGD whenever I can. I also inspire my colleagues to eat healthier meals whenever they join me in ordering from AMGD. With AMGD delivering the food to me, it solves my lunch time woes.
Emily, Civil Servant
Blissful turned Happy Passholder since April 2018
Healthier food choices with lesser food coma, weight loss after eating it for 2 weeks, affordable and healthy yet still delicious. Have introduced it to my colleagues as well and they loved it!
Veerapandiyan, Teacher
Thrill turned Blissful Passholder since July 2016
I am one of those who hated greens. But AMGD has changed my perspective. The pairing of greens with nuts, fruits, and of course the main dish especially salmon is awesome.
Joanne Kam
Blissful & Happy Passholder since January 2017
I used to not eat regular meals as sometimes too busy to cook or even to buy the food which took a toll on my health. Now with AMGD, I can have healthy meals delivered to me and at a regular timing and this also made sure I don’t skip my meals.
Md Aamir
Joy turned Blissful Passholder since July 2017
Helped me lost about 7KG last year from low carb dinner + no-lunch diet. Very convenient service included and they do get in touch when it’s going to be late. Already have a few favourites, and the best thing is that you feel full but not bloated after their meals!
Kim See Toh
Passholder since 2018
Thanks AMGD for being ever so prompt and effective - even on a Sunday. Thank you! Fabulous customer service by the great team who takes pride in their work! Let’s not forget the great variety of healthy food choices. Have no issues with delivery timing and am overall very pleased. Not a choice I regret making! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and way to go 😊
Felicia Liu
Happy Passholder since 2017
I eat healthier and feel healthier! It’s great coming back after a long day of work to healthy and delicious food hanging on my door. Saves me the hassle of getting dinner. My family enjoys AMGD as much as I do!
Sally Yap
Blissful Passholder since March 2019
So happy that I found AMGD when I decided to start eating healthy! Love the healthy and delicious food delivered to me! Like the wide varieties of meal choices too!
Emma Jumali
Corporate client since 2019
Food was Food was aweeeeeeesome. All of the choices are great. Food presentations are superb!!! WELL DONE AMGD. You're our No.1 choice now. Thumbs Up. 👍👍👍👍👍
Nalini Rajakrishnan
Corporate client since 2017
AMGD has been catering for the BT Sports (UK) crew during the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Singapore events the past 2 years. Food is absolutely delish plus healthy. AMGD also did a splendid job to provide for some with dietary restrictions. Thank you AMGD!
Tharageswari, Specialist
Blissful to Happy Passholder since 2018
AMGD lunch made me feel light and yet satisfied at the end of the meal. I didn't look for snacks after lunch. It helped me towards a healthier lifestyle.